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Our technique to auditing is not just a simple "get the numbers" type of audit. Each audit entails a thorough interview with the insured, a detailed description of operations to validate classification assignments, and an audit trail to identify the source of data. In addition, each audit is extensively reviewed by our Internal Review Department staffed by senior field auditors with the experience to ensure and maintain our reputation of providing accurate and dependable audits.

Physical Audits
Our auditor's have years of experience and receive continuous professional education which is the contributing factor to the positive results from our audits.

Telephone Audits - Nationwide Coverage
Experienced field auditors staff our call centers. We understand that a phone auditor is not just a clerical function of taking down numbers that is provided by the insured, but requires field experience to evaluate audit findings and recognize inconsistencies and audit alerts.

Hybrid Audits - Nationwide Coverage
Hybrid Audits are an effective, low cost method of auditing smaller risks. After your initial consultation, we can customize our hybrid program to suit your audit requirements.

Third Party Experts
* Third party classification experts
* Third party independent audits
* Classification dispute resolution
* Litigation classification expert